Trails of Femininity
Kane & Ashley is extending its field of creativity to cover the much-celebrated world of perfume at our recent time, but right here it must be pointed out that although perfumery is a new venture in the house of Kane & Ashley, the passion of scent and all that is related to the making of perfume have been the obsession of the owners of Kane & Ashley for many years. In fact, they have invested years of their lives in studying the phenomenon of smell and how it impacts our lives.

A Lot of international and regional market studies has been done, and many top lines of market research have been conducted thoroughly before our new Mavroki embarked on their mission to bring to the world a collection of fragrances of high creative standards.
The collection will start with two perfume that is aimed at the masses as a tribute to femininity.

The inaugural of two Mavroki will showcase an amalgam of all the senses. The packaging lines and the bottles immediately evoke the picture of a feminine physique a subtle draw on erotic themes but carefully executed with ultra-classy aesthetic touches that define each of these two fragrances, and present it as a declaration of powerful presence.